SKlation is a Dresden based Modern Creative Jazz Trio, consisting of three of saxonies youngest musicians in free improvisation and Modern Jazz.

Their goal is to overcome musical borders to force a new sound of innovation and freedom, away from any convention, with a strong and unique stile. Members are Helene Winkler, cellist from Chemnitz based in classical music, drummer Henri Reichmann raised in Radebeul and Vincent Meißner, pianist from Freiberg.


They are currently studying music at the Saxony Music High School “Landesgymnasium Für Musik Dresden Carl Maria von Weber“ in Dresden where they live and work, there they also startet to play and improvise together. The three gained lessons by the „Free Jazz Legend“ Günther „Baby“ Sommer, who encouraged them to force playing as a trio. SKlation is currently working on their debut-album wich will be released end of 2018.