Helene Winkler is a German cellist currently living in Dresden.


Helene was born in 1999 in Frankenberg, until the age of 15, she was living in Chemnitz,

where she took cello lessons, also in chamber music and startet gaining first experiences, working with the youth orchestra „Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie“. With the „Accento Stringquartett“

Helene was touring over five years, playing at various festivals like the „Hitzacker Festival“ or the „Schleswig-Holstein Festival“, the ensemble was also awarded with a two-year-schoolarship from the „Jürgen Ponto Stiftung“. During her work with the group „Ensemble C“ she came in contact with experimental music. Since then, she was also playing modern music and free jazz next to classical music. Currently Helene Winkler attends the „Landesgymnasium für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden“ a music high school in Dresden, where she take lessons by Freidewart Christian Dittmann, who is a member of the„Staatskapelle Dresden“. Presently she is working in different ensembles and projects, for example the „Argo Ensemble“ or her Modern Creative Jazz Trio „SKlation“.Helene was multiple awarded with lots of prices in chamber music and solo rating, for instance the junior competition „Jugend Musiziert“ where she won numerous Initial placements at the federal level of the competition.


Henri Reichmann was born 2002, since the age of five, he received drum lessons

from different teachers, like Fred Boden at the music school of Meißen. In 2009 he started playing jazz, taught by Patrick Neumann, a student from the Dresden music university. Henri attends the music high school „Sächsisches Landesgymnasium für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden“ where he took jazz lessons by André Schubert and classical percussion by Ulrich Grafe. Currently his main compartment teacher is Michael Griener, beside him, Reichmann also had the opportunity to gain lessons from the free jazz legend Günter „Baby“ Sommer. Over the last few years, Henri had the chance to play various concerts as a soloist, sideman or in other constellations. He also improved his skills by attending numerous workshops and masterclasses, for example at the Dresden university of music. He was multiple honors for his placements in different competitions like the „Jugend Musiziert“. Presently Henri Reichmann lives in Radebeul, he is involved in diverse ensembles like the „Dresden BigBand“ or the modern creative jazz trio „SKlation“.




Vincent Meißner is a Dresden based pianist, composer and bandleader.


Vincent raised up in Freiberg, where he early came in contact with jazz and improvised

music at the local music school, where he also gained experiences in various projects and bands.

With 15 years he received gifted musical promotion at the Dresden University for Music, in the form 

of jazz lessons from Pianist Christopher Lübeck. Today he is student at the Music High School

in Dresden where he is currently living and working. He attends jazz classes by prof Jens Wagner and Christopher Lübeck, is playing with the Dresden BigBand under the direction of Micha Winkler and is member of the youth jazz orchestra of Saxony. Next to his work as a soloist, he is involved in various projects, for example his multiple awarded Trio „b.u.m.“ , the funk and soul band „HOME“, the Free and Creative Jazz Trio „SKlation“ or numerous other combos and ensembles. He is working as a composer, bandleader and sidemen, in 2018 he released his debut solo album „diversity of one-sidedness“ consisting of his latest compositions.